Harry S. Truman reenactment draws crowds in Carthage

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CARTHAGE, Mo. — The legacy of Harry S. Truman in World War I is retold in a special reenactment.

The Powers Museum showcased Truman’s life, reliving historic moments that Truman led as a Captain of Artillery.

Historian Kavun Stull portrayed Truman, even wearing an original uniform from a solider from more than 100 years ago.

Stull says Truman led a distinguished military career.

He saw combat several times in World War I and was recognized for leading his whole battery.

Stull says he most likely used his experience serving to later become President.

Kavan Stull, historian, “[Truman’s] biggest achievements [were that] he looked after his men, took care of his soldiers, and he brought everyone of them back home.”

To create his reenactment, Stull says he used letters Truman wrote back to his wife, Bess, during the war and some other historical accounts.

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