JOPLIN, Mo. — It used to happen a lot in Joplin, when groups of volunteers would come to the area and work on projects around the community. It took one group longer to finally get here and role up their sleeves and get to work.

Their group is called “Faith Builders” and they’ve been to Joplin before. But never to work, only as a layover en route from their home up north to another destination, often the site of mother nature’s wrath.

“A lot of times after after a disaster there’s, it goes on for a long time, we found that out after Katrina that it went on for years,” said Paul Engesmoe, Faith Builders.

The group works on Habitat For Humanity projects and had worked with that group in Joplin in the past, but this time as the destination.

“And then we were thinking, you know what, why don’t we just make it easier and go to Joplin and find out how Habitat has done in Joplin, and finding out you have a big need for help here too,” said Paul Engesmoe, Faith Builders.

“This group consists of 11 volunteers from various Lutheran churches in the Madison, Minnesota area,” said KSN’s Stuart Price, Reporting.

Scott Clayton is glad to host the group this week and says it reminds him of when volunteer groups from all over the country came to help after our natural disaster.

“It really is something that we did a lot not too long ago where groups would come for a week and we work together on all different kinds of projects so it’s reminiscent of a time that’s a little bit in the past but still a good thing when groups like this come and do these things for you, it’s still a wonderful thing,” said Scott Clayton, Executive Director, Joplin Area Habitat For Humanity.

The group says helping communities like Joplin this time of year gives them a break from the snow that is still typically on the ground.