JOPLIN, Mo. — The George Washington Carver National Monument is showing the community Carver’s roots.

Today a park ranger with the monument held a program at the “Neosho Colored School,” which was established in 1872 and is located at 639 Young street in Neosho.

This was the first place carver received an education and attended in 1876.

“What we want to do is not only highlight George Washington Carver and his connection to this local area, but also to a larger black education that was going on at this time. Part of the community itself is what makes this a historic structure because George Washington Carver was just one of many students that came here being taught by a number of different teachers specifically a Stephen Frost,” said Ryan O’Connell, Park Guide.

This year the historic schoolhouse is celebrating its 150th anniversary.

The George Washington Carver National Monument will be holding another program at the schoolhouse on September 17 at 1p.m.