TULSA, Okla. — A Grove woman will serve 30 months in federal prison for stabbing a woman who testified in a fatal retaliation shooting.

Marie Elaine Morrow, 26, was sentenced on Thursday in U.S. Federal Court after pleading to assault with a dangerous weapon in Indian Country. Morrow is a member of the Cherokee Nation.

Initially, Morrow was charged in Delaware County District Court with intimidation of a witness, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and first-degree burglary in connection. Her case was dismissed due to a lack of jurisdiction based on a U.S. Supreme Court ruling and picked up by Cherokee Nation.

Court records show Morrow and Heather Louise Griffith, 27, of Grove, broke into a room at a Grove motel in March 2020 and assaulted a woman with a box cutter. Griffith is on supervised release.

In her federal plea agreement, Morrow confessed to stabbing a woman multiple times who testified against James, Dakota, and Cody Buzzard in a murder investigation.

Dakota and James Buzzard are accused of fatally shooting Jerry Tapp and wounding Cassie Tennison in Aug. 2019.

Investigators think the shooting is in retaliation for a 2015 incident in which Tapp fired a shotgun into a vehicle driven by James Buzzard and wounded a juvenile girl.

Buzzard told deputies, “I don’t know how many times I shot. When he (Jerry Tapp) fell to the ground, I walked up to him and shot him again,” according to a Delaware County District Court arrest affidavit. “Someone opened the front door and I shot at them, too.”

Morrow was also sentenced to three years supervised release, according to online court documents. Dakota, James, and Cody Buzzard’s federal trial is set for June 21.