GROVE, Okla. – A Grand Lake pharmacy was recently honored for its use of technology during the COVID pandemic.

Rx Shoppe in Grove received the Healthiverse Heroes honorable mention award.  The award honors organizations for using technology in innovative ways to help with patient care.

DrFirst sponsored the Healthiverse Heroes Award.

“We remained available to our patients for all their needs,” said Teresa Butler, pharmacist “We were impacted greatly as we have a small number of employees and had to deal with illness among us as well as with the patients.”

Butler said Rx Shoppe looked at several software platforms which addressed all the needs during the pandemic.

“During the pandemic, new relationships had to be made and new supply chains to obtain the products that were being offered for testing, prevention and treatment,” Butler said. “Some of the software was simply about being able to do more tasks with fewer people with all the requirements that were in play for the past two years.”

Most of the products were coming through the government, which was completely different for retail pharmacies, she said. The products required new software and portals to be initiated and learned, Butler said.

“The resilience, dedication, and grit exhibited by healthcare organizations throughout the COVID-19 pandemic are an inspiration to all of us,” said G. Cameron Deemer, president of DrFirst in a prepared statement.

Their achievements are creating a more responsive and efficient healthcare system for the future, he said.