TAHLEQUAH, Okla. – A Grove man with a history of violating numerous domestic violence protective orders will still face charges in Cherokee Nation Tribal Court after a federal indictment, said a Cherokee Nation prosecutor.  

Tyler Craig Mitchell, 29, was taken into custody on April 21 while in the custody of the Cherokee Nation.

“We have not dismissed the Cherokee Nation cases,” said Stephanie Bishop, a Cherokee Nation prosecutor.

Mitchell was charged in May 2021 in Cherokee Nation District Court with domestic abuse assault and battery by strangulation, kidnapping, and six counts of violating a protective order.

All the charges stem from a July 6, 2020 assault in Delaware County, records show.

Mitchell also faces charges of falsely personating another to create a liability, possession of a stolen vehicle, larceny of merchandise from a retailer and trespassing after being forbidden, possession of drug paraphernalia, and several vehicle violations.

His federal indictment is for assault of an intimate or dating partner by strangling, suffocating, and attempting to strangle and suffocate in Indian Country and kidnapping in Indian Country.

Many of the Cherokee Nation District Court charges are duplicates of charges filed in Delaware County District in Jay. Domestic assault and battery by strangulation and kidnapping, charges were dismissed in May 2021 because the state lacked jurisdiction to prosecute on Indian land.

Online court records show the federal indictment and warrant remain sealed.