NEVADA, Mo. — A local bank is helping its community reach a milestone in fundraising efforts. Great Southern Bank in Nevada gave a helping hand to the Nevada Vernon County Community Foundation. $5,000 will go to its goal of raising $1,000,000 for the promotion of the community’s general well-being.

Officials are in the early stages of raising funds to bring four tennis courts, two basketball courts, and ten pickleball courts to town.

“When you, you know, are touring a community and thinking about making that your home, when you see these really awesome outdoor spaces and really fun things for all ages, I definitely think it makes an impact and you know, we would love to, uh, be able to give our community something that could help enhance, uh, you know, the quality of life for everyone,” said Amy Bishop, Coordinator, Nevada/Vernon Co. Community Foundation.

Thanks to community support and donors, the foundation has raised nearly $100,000 so far.