JOPLIN, Mo. — A family staple closed its doors in Joplin.

Sunday was the final day of operations for Granny Shaffer’s on West 7th Street.

The franchise began nearly 50 years ago when David and Karen Shaffer bought a restaurant.

It was operated by the couple and their three children.

Their son Steve bought the second location from his parents in 1995, and moved to the seventh street location in 2003.

Unfortunately due to increased prices for several products, the profit margin began to shrink, leading Steve to make the difficult decision to close the doors.

“It was a hard decision, unfortunately the economics of the business environment right now are not suitable to stay in the business. I’ve raised menu prices roughly 10 percent in the last 12 months, and we’re making less profit now than before. Thursday, the eggs we use are extra large, they went up 93 cents a dozen on the US market. A lot of sleepless nights, not an easy decision, hopefully it turns out to be the correct one,” says Steve.

The announcement was made on Saturday the establishment would close its doors.

On Sunday customers throughout the years made one last stop for breakfast.

“It’s fun, and it has great food and the only type of breakfast meal that I will get here is biscuits and gravy,” says Marley Sater, Customer.

“My oldest granddaughter, this is her favorite place, when we ask, ‘Where do you want to go eat, this is where she wants to go. It’s saddening to see it go, with some understanding of the reason behind it. We’ll have to find a new place, but it still won’t be the same,” says Tommy McDonald, Customer.

“I’m always here with family. I’m really sad ’cause I’ll never get to taste the goodness again. No place is better than this,” says Donnie Singmaster Stapleton, Customer.

The 7th Street location officially closed its doors at noon.

The Rangeline location still remains open.