GRANBY, Mo. — A group of volunteers is fighting food insecurity in Granby.

“The hopes for this garden are to help people in rough times, especially with the way things are going to make sure they can put vegetables on the dinner table. We don’t want anyone to go hungry in Granby,” said Shawne Swope, head of the garden committee

The Granby Community Garden Committee created two garden beds on an empty plot of land on Main Street next to the police department.

“Granby needs this. For one, we need to make sure our children are getting the right nutrients so they do better in school so they do better in life. That’s one of the biggest things for me,” said Swope.

The garden was funded through donations and created by volunteers.

“I wanted to start it because I was a single mom for years and I have done without so my children would have enough. I know what hunger feels like and I don’t want anyone to feel that. If I can put a drop of food into people that means something,” said Swope.

She says gardening helped her get back on her feet after an accident six years ago that damaged her lungs.

“I needed to do something to help the lungs that I had left to work like they should, and it worked! So I thought, this is so awesome let’s spread this around,” said Swope.

Volunteers will harvest squash, tomatoes, okra, peppers, and green beans for families in need.

“Next year I’m hoping to double and maybe even triple. I’m hoping to do one bed that we just do right in the ground and two beds that we put in raised beds,” said Swope, “we are also wanting to go completely green. There are no chemicals, no nothing in this that can harm anybody.”

The committee plans on holding a canning workshop to have the vegetables last all year round.

“I think it’s a great initiative. It’s something to bring the community together. We need that. Anything that brings the community is good and fresh vegetables, you can’t beat it,” said Catherine Jackson, Granby Animal Control Officer.