Goodman Elementary fundraiser helps families in need

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GOODMAN, Mo. — Goodman Elementary students are helping out their community in a big way.

During Christmas, the school is able to assist around 10 families with the money they raise. Students donated pennies, dimes, quarters, and even 10 dollar bills to help any way they can.

“Made me so proud of my kids just to see them get together and do something big and exciting like that,” said Bekah Griffith, second grade teacher.

Students raised as much money as they could last month to help people in need this holiday season. School counselors get a wish list from families they believe need a little extra help.

“We hoped that they would see that there’s more they can do even as children to help other kids in our school and our community,” said counselor Melissa Osborne.

Items like coats, books, hygiene items, toys and clothes are usually on the list.

“We were able to help over 15 children, 16 children I think through this penny war and it’s really exciting the kids get to be part of that,” said Osborne.

Overall, the school raised $1,700 for people in the Goodman community.

“It was super exciting to see. I mean times aren’t exactly great for everyone right now so we weren’t sure how it was gonna turn out. And the support of our community is always nothing to be surprised about. But again we were just thankful and we felt blessed and excited to give it back,” said Samantha Hamilton, Goodman Elementary principal

For the students to raise money, there was an incentive for the teachers in the two classes that raised the most.

“They had to put pie in their face, and one of them had to wear a turkey costume,” said Jocelyn Dick, 2nd grade.

Students learned the importance of helping people in need.

“I learned how… to give it to people who didn’t have enough money to buy stuff for Christmas,” said Broklyn McBride, 3rd grade.

Goodman Elementary hopes to continue the fundraiser so they can help more families in need.

The teachers and staff had so many buckets to hold all the money in the front office that was donated and even got creative and put teachers faces on it. It was a sight to see.

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