NEOSHO, Mo. — A couple of big items were decided by the Neosho City Council Tuesday night.

First, Neosho City Council agreed to a trial ordinance to allow golf cart use on city streets. The trial is set to last 90 days, then Council will review whether or not to make any changes and to possibly adopt it.

The idea originated from a citizen who has a medical condition, that doesn’t allow him to walk his animals so he asked Council to consider this.

Secondly, the City voted to pay Branco enterprises a total of $7,500 to help promotion for last year’s Neosho Holiday Classic Basketball Tournament in December.

Originally, Branco asked the City for $15,000 and the City agreed. The Council then changed their minds and decided upon 50% of that.

“It appears the Council views this tournament to be something that should start sustaining itself. It’s been in the Neosho history for a long enough time that the City doesn’t necessarily agree now that we should be giving that kind of money to an existing tournament. We want to focus that money more towards new things to bring to Neosho. More activities, more events,” said Richard Davidson, Neosho Mayor Pro Tem.

The Neosho Holiday Classic takes place in December, just after Christmas.