GOLDEN CITY, Mo. — Golden City is celebrating “Golden Harvest Days” this weekend.

It’s been going on for over 100 years.

This year’s theme was “Take A Break, Escape To Golden Harvest Days.”

Today’s main event was the traditional “Great American Bed Race.”

Several teams raced against each other on bed frames built with motorcycle parts.

These beds were not motorized, but instead powered by the participants.

This year’s winner: The “Roadrunners.”

This was their first time competing.

“Well, it was exciting because I thought our team was going to lose, because I mean, the other people who work in Golden City, I thought they were faster than us, but then we turned out to be faster than them, and I thought it was pretty cool,” said Andrew Hester a participant in the “bed racing” competition.

“It really does bring the community together, um, it’s uh, I think a lot of people look forward to it. One of the things that we’ve heard time and again is the memories that are made, the kids in particular,” said Golden Harvest Days committee member, Allen Rice.

The Roadrunners will keep their trophy until next year’s race.