JOPLIN, Mo. — Today is “Giving Tuesday” — but “The Girls Scouts of the Missouri Heartland” have made it easy for donors to give anytime they’d like.

The organization is offering several ways to help support their cause, through their website. A one-time, or even monthly, donation can help fund the cost of allowing area girls to take part in a host of activities. And, it’s those experiences that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

“Not only are we taking donations for summer camp, we’re also taking them monthly now, and so year round you can set up a donation plan whether it’s a dollar a month or if you want to donate a hundred dollars a month, we take donations of all kinds,” said Lauren Slamb, Public Relations Specialist, Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland.

In addition to a financial gift, the organization is also interested in donations of camping equipment. For more information on how to support them, click here.