MISSOURI — If you’re wanting to give back this holiday season, you could donate to the Girl Scouts.

The Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland have a monthly giving campaign. Each month you can donate as little as one dollar or as much as you want.

Donating 5-dollars can cover the cost of one girl scout uniform and 25-dollars can cover one girl scout’s membership for the year.

“This is such a great way to give back to the program where you don’t have really to like show up at our door and jump through loops, and then you know you can say you helped a girl,” said Lauren Slamb of GSMH.

“There’s so much to do because there’s always a sense of getting to like help people because you have like the bronze, silver and gold award and I really like to do that, I really like to plan all the little girls’ meetings and help with them because it’s also showing them how cool Girl Scouts is and how empowering women are throughout Girl Scouts,” said Paloma Thorpe with Girl Scout Troop 7039.

To donate, visit the Girl Scouts’ webpage here.