GIRARD, Kans. — The search to find one of the best outdoor cooks could hold the power to help make a Southeast Kansas couple’s dream come true.

“I never for a moment thought I was going to make it as far as I have,” said James Jarvis, Hero’s BBQ Co-Owner.

Girard Police Officer James Jarvis is currently competing in the Char Champion Competition, a search to find one of the best outdoor cooks in North America.

“If I’m not mistaken, there were approximately 25,000 plus entrants in this competition. We’ve been fortunate enough to advance to the quarterfinals,” said Mr. Jarvis.

He and his wife Tammy have been massive parts of the southeast community and it’s thanks to this involvement, that James is currently leading his division and is set to enter the semifinals.

“We’ve been on social media constantly. We’ve been checking to make sure where he’s standing at. People have been sending us text messages saying ‘Hey it’s done, we voted, we shared your link.’ Everybody’s been very supportive and encouraging and everybody wants us to win,” said Mrs. Jarvis.

“The constant messages, the phone calls, text messages, people that I haven’t even spoken to in many years are sending me messages, giving us that support we need,” said Mr. Jarvis.

Among the grand prize is a smoker trailer worth $18,000 and an additional $5,000.

Winning would make a world of difference and help the couple establish Hero’s Grill.

“We’re getting ready to open up a barbeque restaurant. I’m a police officer in little old Girard and I’ve actually turned in my notice there. I’m going to be stepping away from that to take over the restaurant and catering business full-time. We got so many irons in the fire so to speak. We get support from everywhere and it’s extremely humbling, extremely humbling,” said Mr. Jarvis.

Voting closes on Thursday at 9 PM, we have a link here.