GIRARD, Ks. — Action is underway to help foster economic development in Girard.

Girard Main Street LLC has opened up grant applications for local businesses on the square.

It was made possible thanks to a T-Mobile hometown grant the city received last year and a donation from GNBank.

It’s designed to help current and future businesses in the square restore their properties and promote economic vitality.

“We’ve got a few spots that are open on the square and we’ve got businesses that are doing great for businesses, but it’s just so expensive to put money in on some of these old buildings so to be able to have a main street program. We really want to help those businesses and to fill in spots on the square,” says Jessica Ripper, Girard Main Street LLC.

Applications will be accepted for businesses within a one block radius of the square.

Grants can be up to 35 thousand dollars per business.

The first deadline is June First.

After that more applications will be opened until funds are depleted.

Applications can be made by contacting Girard Main Street through their email