George Washington Carver event focuses on Agriculture School on Wheels

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DIAMOND, Mo. — George Washington Carver’s legacy in agriculture is recognized during a special program.

A session held at the National Monument focused on Carver’s Agriculture School on Wheels established while he worked at the Tuskegee Institute.

To create the school on wheels, he built a wagon and filled it with seeds and other goods for farmers to help them create better farming practices.

Many of his experiments with the Jessup Wagon was a big help to them.

Right after the Civil War, cotton was no longer turning a large profit, so they needed new methods to farm.

The monument built a recreation of the wagon and even used fruits that would have been inside.

Valerie Baldwin, park guide, says, “When he moved to Tuskegee, his actions revolutionized farming and agriculture of this time period. This is something to keep in mind because even not quite as much as it used to be, but there is an Agriculture School on Wheels that is still in existence today.”

Baldwin adds as time went on, the Jessup Wagon was eventually made into a truck.

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