WYANDOTTE, Okla. — Kids of all ages are learning about the Wyandotte tribe this weekend. The Bearskin Fitness Gym is hosting the Gathering of Little Turtles camp for the first time in 2 years.

Today through Sunday, kids can learn Wyandotte’s language and history and take part in activities like crafts, traditional gardening, and lacrosse.

The theme for this year’s gathering, turtles, holds an important place in Wyandotte culture.

“Everything in Wyandotte has turtles on it. In our creation story, it’s said that the Earth was created on the back of a turtle. So in our logo of Wyandotte Nation, there’s a turtle, and we have several clans that are turtles within our tribe so turtles are a really important animal for us,” said Kim Garcia, Cultural Preservation Officer, Wyandotte Nation.

Today’s event drew more than 60 kids from across the country.

The annual adult gathering will be held in September.