GARLAND, Ks. — A Garland family opened their farm to teach the community where their food comes from.

Today marked the return of the Shead Farm Homestead Festival.

Here guests got to learn about how food is produced through tours and demonstrations around the farm.

Owner Vickie Shead said the festival first started last year because of the amount of visitors the farm had seen.

“Our farm has been kind of different from the day we moved here,” says Shead, “We’ve had three-thousand college students use it for retreats. So we were kind of trained during those years that we were doing that. People want to know how to can green beans, how do you butcher a chicken, and I think COVID kind of sped that up a little bit with people wanting to think about how do I live off the land.”

In the future, Shead hopes to have information about the different animals and produce available through QR codes.