MIAMI, Okla. — An area cemetery has many more visitors on this day each year than any other.

The monument and flagpole inside the Miami G.A.R Cemetery is always the site of a Memorial Day remembrance ceremony.

Thanks to the hard work of local Boy and Girl Scout Troops, Bikers Against Child Abuse, and other volunteers, hundreds of flags were installed throughout the facility.

Members of the American Legion Post 147 say there’s a whole lot more to this day than a three day holiday weekend.

“A lot of, a lot of people around here have people that have served in the armed forces. Some of them didn’t come back, and some of them came back not like they went over. And like I say, they pay a lot of respect for Veterans and people around here and the Veteran organizations,” said Eldon Johnston, American Legion Post 147 Commander.

By the way, G.A.R stands for Grand Army of the Republic. It’s the fraternal organization composed of Veterans who fought for the Union Army during the Civil War.