PARSONS, Kans. — In Honor of Veterans Day, the Parsons Police Department wants to recognize its Veteran officers. Having served in the military, is sometimes just the beginning of a person’s desire to serve either their country or their community as a career. The Parsons Police Department has several officers that have served, and they are proud of them all.

Parsons Police Chief Robert Spinks said, “I have a son who is a Green Berrett, and my father served in World War II and was also a Pearl Harbor survivor, so I personally know the sacrifices that are made by service members and their families. I have the utmost respect for all our Parsons Police veterans past and present. So, from the bottom of my heart Happy Veterans Day.”

Here is a gallery of current PPD officers that are veterans and their years of military service along with their job titles:

“We are proud of our Military Veterans and honor their service to their country and their continued dedication to their communities. If you see any of them on the street don’t hesitate to say hello and shake their hands. Remember without our Heroes we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the liberties we have today,” finished Spinks.