JOPLIN, Mo. — Local McDonald’s restaurants hosted a successful fundraiser for the families of fallen Joplin Police Department Corporal, Ben Cooper, and Officer Jake Reed.

$2,000 was the amount raised on March 31st, when Joplin area McDonalds restaurants hosted an evening fundraiser.

The $2,000 dollars raised came from a portion of their fast-food sales, and will also be donated to the benevolence fund for Joplin Police Officer Rick Hirshey.

“We are incredibly taken aback by the support of our customers who came out to enjoy a meal
from us that would in turn benefit Corporal Ben Cooper and Officer Jake Reed’s families, along
with funds to support Officer Rick Hirshey as he recovers,” said local McDonald’s
Owner/Operator Alex Maffei.

“On behalf of myself and fellow Joplin area Owner/Operator, Thomas Nichols, I would like to say, thank you to those who stopped by,” said Maffei.