Frisco Station Apartments evict residents to save building

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JOPLIN, Mo. – Residents of the Frisco Station Apartments, located at 601 S. Main Street in Joplin, have been asked to vacate the building due to essential, extensive renovations. The current owners of the building have filed a lawsuit against the previous owners saying they left the building in “extremely dire condition.” They allege the previous owners neglected to perform much-needed repairs.

In 1913, the Frisco building was Joplin’s first multistory office building built by Frisco Railroad. The first two floors were used as a station for its passenger service, which ended in 1960. The building avoided demolition in the 1990s, then in 2002 was restored as low-income housing for senior citizens. Since then, the nine-story building has provided 56 apartments for seniors. 

About a month ago, the tenants were notified that they would need to move out. 

“It’s been quite an experience and it’s making me make decisions a lot quicker than what I planned on… It really has thrown me for a loop. I didn’t let the emotions get to me until recently and it’s just overwhelming,” said Frisco Station Apartments resident, Delma Rogers. 

Rogers claims she was notified that she needed to move out when she last paid her rent on September 3. 

Rogers claims that she didn’t receive a proper notice, but that the office informed her that they weren’t going to renew her lease and that they’d like everyone out by October.  

Other sources claim a notice was taped to the residents’ doors. 

“It was just, you know, a big shock that we all had to move out,” said Rogers. 

Rogers has lived at the Frisco Station Apartments for almost four years, but stated that many residents have lived there much longer. 

“Well some people lived here since the last renovation… They’ve been here 15 years… And I really feel for those that were older than me that have to do this… They were moved in until their dying day and it just didn’t work out that way,” said Rogers. 

Being low-income apartments, the residents are charged a cheaper rent than the typical apartment complex in Joplin. The average low-income apartment requires potential residents to be put on a waiting list until an apartment becomes available. 

“I do know several of them, like me, are going to have to pay more money, too. And when you’re on fixed income, a hundred bucks or more a month is really staggering for you,” said Rogers. 

“I just think it was really rude the way they did it… They should’ve given us all a chance to find an apartment at the same time, instead of this way… It was just not a good way to handle the situation,” said Rogers. 

Rogers is unsure of her upcoming plans and living situation. 

“Trying to pack a little bit at a time, still haven’t found anywhere to go for sure… I still don’t know what to do,” said Rogers. 

Attempts to contact the Frisco Station Apartments and the attorney who filed the current lawsuit were unsuccessful. 

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