PITTSBURG, Kans. — The Pittsburg community is getting its first look at the newest specialty care clinic from Freeman Health System.

Freeman Health System held a ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday to welcome its new Specialty Clinic to the Pittsburg community.

“We’ve been open at least two weeks, we’ve seen over 100 patients already just at this clinic alone,” said Annette Allgood, Freeman Health System Physician Group Supervisor.

The Clinic is hoping to increase access to health care, by reducing the commute many Kansans have to undergo.

“We have so many patients that travel currently to Joplin to access specialist care,” said Paula Baker, Freeman Health System President & CEO.

“As a daughter of someone that needs a specialist, you have to get off work, you have to go pick that person up and take them to the clinic, then take them back and you’re missing, sometimes a full day of work,” said Allgood.

So far the Specialty Clinic is home to five doctors and one nurse practitioner, with more soon to follow.

“We will have a specialist here every day of the week, presenting a broad range of specialty services. To begin with we will have endocrinology, nephrology and pulmonology, and then we’ll be adding pain medicine very soon as well, as well as some other testing services,” said Baker.

A pain medicine specialist will be arriving at the Clinic in June — helping centralize care in Southeast Kansas.

“We will have Dr. Roger Misasi joining us to provide pain management services,” added Baker.

“Very important to have someone in that specialty, and local, where he will also be able to do procedures locally because he’ll use our surgery center over on Pine, so not only will they be able to see them here in Pittsburg, but they’ll also be able to have their procedure here in Pittsburg,” said Allgood.