LAMAR, Mo. — A local outdoor event center is expanding faster than expected. Construction at the Freeman Outdoor Event Center at the Stompin’ Grounds in Lamar started in April of last year. At the time, there were 2,500 seats. There’s already a need for more seating — so an additional 2,000 seats are being added.

Officials are also in the process of building a permanent concession stand.

“The caliber of event that you have is related to how many people show up. So, if we can have more people show up, we can have bigger events, bigger names in, and uh, possibly move on to concerts eventually,” said Colby Johnson, Co-Owner.

Construction on the addition started a few weeks ago. It’s expected to be finished in time for the facility’s first event of the year on June 11th.

To see this year’s schedule — just follow this link here.