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JOPLIN, Mo. — Marks nurses appreciation day – a chance to thank the more than $3.8 million women and men keeping patients healthy day in and day out.

Michelle Wolfe, Freeman STEMI Coordinator, said, “It is the most challenging and rewarding thing I can think of.”

Michelle Wolfe already wanted to be a nurse when she got a big reminder of what an impact the career could have.

“My dad had a heart attack and watching the nurses and the doctors and how they all work together as a team, and i wanted that.”

Fast forward to 2021 and she’s a registered nurse – making a life saving difference time and time again.

“We had a patient actually just a few minute ago came in having a heart attack. And in less than an hour we’ve given her her life back.”

The nursing profession is growing at a fast pace. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects it to expand by 19 percent from 2012 to 2022. RN Carly Camerer points out it can be challenging on any given day, and especially during the pandemic.

Carly Camerer, Freeman Cardiac Med. Unit, said, “You know with we’re in this room and they were having some crazy stuff going on the other room. You know those patients and family members don’t see that. So sometimes you’re just kind of down and in the gutter about things that we have going on so it’s nice to get a kind of recognition. We’re doing the best we can. So getting that recognition just kind of a push to keep us going throughout the day.”

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