JOPLIN, Mo. — Freeman Health System is in a category that only 239 other hospitals nationwide can claim. The hospital was awarded the “American College of Cardiology N.C.D.R Chest Pain M.I. Platinum Performance Achievement Award” for 2022.

It means the heart care team at the Freeman Heart and Vascular Institute, as well as all the cardiac nurses, techs, and support staff are performing at a higher standard of care for heart attack patients.

Consideration for the award includes collecting data for things like mortality rates, time in the cath lab, how long patients are in the hospital, and how they do after they get out of the hospital.

“It’s a culmination by a lot of hard work by a lot of people. There’s cath lab techs, cath lab nurses. We have a great crew back there. You know, they come in, in 20 minutes at 3 o’clock in the morning. There’s not a lot of jobs where you have to have that response time. And they’re able to do it because of their hard work and dedication. And the group of doctors that support that, as well,” said Dr. Robert Stauffer, Freeman Health System Interventional Cardiologist.

To get the award, the hospital had to have excellent heart care data for two consecutive years in a row. It’s the second year in a row the hospital has gotten the recognition.