JASPER COUNTY, Mo. — One Southwest Missouri blueberry farmer aims to give back to the agriculture community through his own farmer’s market.

Zack Bridgman, owner of Bridgman’s Blueberry Farm, originally sold only berries from his Jasper County farm.

Now he has expanded, all in the name of helping others.

Bridgman has created a farmer’s market, opening up free space to local vendors.

This allows area farmers a place to sell their produce, without paying a fee to rent out booth space.

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Bridgman says his decision to open a farmer’s market was all about giving back to those in his community.

“I just feel that it’s just for the good of the community. I have this space. We have all the amenities here for it and we can support you know, the parking, the bathrooms, the power, the water, everything. So we’re open anyways, and it’s not hurting anything for anyone to come here and set up a table and sell their tomatoes or honey or corn, whatever it is that they want to sell to the community that they’re passionate about,” said Zack Bridgman, owner of Bridgman’s Blueberry Farm.

“It’s getting more expensive (to operate as a farmer). So, to have a facility that would let me come and sell my access honey, for no charge, was wonderful,” said beekeeper, Marty Patrick.

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For information on the hours and the location of Bridgman’s Farmers Market, you can visit his Facebook page, HERE.