PITTSBURG, Kans. — This weekend the Four States Farm show has taken over the Plaster Center at Pittsburg State University.

“It’s pretty important because you’re seeing a lot of stuff here that you’re not seeing every day somewhere else,” said George Siegismund, Rockville Farmer & Rancher.

Farmers and ranchers from across the region are making their way to Pittsburg for the 47th Four States Farm Show.

“We have about 800 booths this year. We’re certainly up indoors this year, we have about 500 booths indoors and we have about 300 booths outdoors,” said Lance Markley, Four States Farm Show Manager.

For many of those farmers and ranchers, the show is a massive resource, displaying the latest developments in the field.

“It’s a place to showcase the latest trends and agriculture products and services,” Markley added.

“We kind of see people here and talk and see what they’re doing and see stuff like this and we get an idea of what we should be doing,” said George Siegismund, Rockville Farmer & Rancher.

Including how to tackle the biggest issue facing companies and farmers alike.

“Supply, that’s what’s kind of been a big problem, like when you need stuff you can’t always get it, and usually right about now the prices of stuff is going up pretty crazy. We’ve reassessed what we needed and we kind of just got what we absolutely have to have,” added Siegismund.

Now several companies have changed how they operate amid global supply chain issues.

“Some of them have orders for down the road a little bit. Yes, supply chain is a factor, but a lot of them are doing their best to supply to their customers at this point,” said Markley.

The Four States Farm show wraps up at three o’clock Sunday afternoon.