Joplin Police Department were tipped off by NW Ark authorities that a stolen vehicle was possibly in Joplin. Stolen from a victim of an assault.  

    Four men in all arrested: Cody Lindsey, Travis Wyrick, Ronald Pack and Ross Eiland.

(64801) — Joplin Police Department say an officer spotted the vehicle at 7th and Maiden Lane. Officers kept their eye on the silver late model trailblazer and attempted a car stop at 6th and Main and the vehicle fled north on Main and then west onto C Street.

Between C and North Main tipsters began sending us texts and photos as more police arrived to the area the trailblazer tried to elude police. They knew already the felony fugitive, Cody Lindsey was in that vehicle.

Sgt William Davis of the Joplin Police Department tell us they had been looking for a vehicle NW Arkansas authorities said could possibly be stolen by a male, Cody Lindsey, 33 of Joplin, wanted for felony assault with a weapon and other charges in Rogers, Arkansas as well as other felony charges in Benton County Arkansas.

That doesn’t even include his 5 Missouri felony warrants, I’ve talked to Rogers Arkansas PD and Benton County and they are preparing their paperwork now.” Davis told us exclusively.

The pursuit ended near West Perkins and N Oliver. The trailblazer was being driven by Travis Wyrick of Joplin. He was driving up behind his own house on West Perkins. He got out and ran into his house.

As Wyrick ran into his house. Lindsey ran into a wooded area between West Perkins and West 2nd. Police created a perimeter and K-9 was released.

The other two occupants of the stolen vehicle just stayed, they decided running wasn’t a good idea. So their charges are much less severe.

Wyrick would not come out of the house at first. However after a short visit with police his parents decided it was time for him to leave the nest. He came out and was cuffed with no incident.

K-9 retrieved Lindsey from the wooded area and his wounds were checked out by METS EMS. After he was cleared he was then transported to the Joplin City jail.

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Cody Lindsey, 33, Joplin, tampering with a motor vehicle in the 2nd degree, felony resisting arrest, assault on a police animal, 5 MO felony warrants. Also he’s facing 2 felony assault charges, one with a weapon (gun). Sgt William Davis told us he has already talked with Rogers Ark PD and Benton County authorities and they are preparing their paperwork now.

Travis Wyrick, Joplin, tampering with a vehicle in the 1st degree, felony resisting arrest

Ronald Pack, he did not run, will face tampering with a motor vehicle in the 2nd degree

Ross Eiland, he did not run, will face tampering with a motor vehicle in the 2nd degree.