FORT SCOTT, Kans. — The agriculture industry was on full display in Southeast Kansas this weekend.

The fifth annual “Lavender Fest” kicked off this morning in Fort Scott. Every year the Lavender Patch Farm opens up for the community with live music, field tours, and demonstrations on how to distill the oils from the lavender.

Farm owner Betsy Reichard says events like this help open up the area to agritourism to show people the process behind some of their favorite foods and goods.

“That’s what it is, we want people to come and see how a working farm goes, it could be our lavender farm, it could be a berry farm, it could be a dairy, there’s just a whole bunch of agritourism farms that we want people to come and see how it works,” Betsy said.

People were also given the chance to sample some of the lavender themselves. The farm served lavender lemonade, lavender ice cream, and lavender seasoned pulled pork.