FORT SCOTT, Kans. — A Four State national park is teaching the community the story behind America.

Over the past few days, the Fort Scott National Historic Site has created an immersive experience of the area’s fight for freedom. Everything began Wednesday with music from the 35th Division Infantry.

Since then, visitors got the chance to take part in guided tours, watch artillery demonstrations, and watch special programs dedicated to the fort’s past. Topics ranged from the Indian Relocation Act, Mexican-American War, and Bleeding Kansas.

“It’s the fight over slavery and freedom. Civil War happened in 1861. The first African-American troops to ever fight for freedom, not just theirs but the entire country’s freedom, were mustered in on our parade ground in 1863. So now, African-Americans can fight for everyone’s freedom as well as try to find their own. This whole country is based on the fight for freedom and independence, and that’s what we’re doing. We’re celebrating all those different strifes and trials and tribulations that people have gone through to find that freedom,” said Carl Brenner, Fort Scott NHS Program Director.

The festivities wrapped up Monday afternoon with a discussion based on Civil War medicine.