WEBB CITY, Mo. — A local city is asking for your help to make sure what you flush in your bathroom doesn’t back up in your neighbor’s house.

Webb City is seeing a growing issue with so-called flushable wipes clogging the sewer system leading sewer lines to flood nearby houses.

City leaders are asking residents to stop flushing those wipes which have been causing more and more problems in recent months.

“We have a bar screen that protects the sewer plant and that bar screen does a really good job of removing the wipes when they make clogs, but lift stations are a different story. Lift stations don’t have bar screens and when a lift station clogs up, it can back up into the neighboring houses,” said Carl Francis, WC City Admin.

Workers add that if the sewer backs up into your house, you are responsible for the bill because city insurance does not cover damage from backups.