NEVADA, Mo. — Thursday was the first-ever Music Day in Nevada.

Musicians and artists shared their talents all day in an effort to promote music and the arts in the area.

Many businesses in downtown Nevada opened their shops for musicians to play and sing. Thursday evening, local artists shared their creations at the art walk on East Cherry Street.

There were also food trucks, wine tasting, and music all over the square.

“And what I think we could do as musicians is, they need us for you know, for fundraising projects. We’ll come on out, and so the more that we can be out and partnering with these businesses and these fundraising opportunities, we’re really you know, it’s vital to the community,” said Doug Harper, Music Day Coordinator.

“We want to lift the human spirit, tell people that there’s more going on than cattle, which it’s important for the area but there is more going on here than just that,” said Andrew McNair, Art Shop Owner.

For a full list of Thursday’s events, click here.