JPD Homicide Investigation Protest

JOPLIN, Mo. — Family and friends of a Joplin man, killed by gunfire, stood outside of the Joplin Police Department tonight (8/12), seeking justice.

20-year-old William Patton was killed during the early morning hours of March 16th, 2022 at a home near 24th Street and Wall Avenue.

Police say Patton suffered gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead at a Joplin hospital.

Tonight, William Patton’s mother, Mariea, along with family members and friends, held up signs protesting the overall investigation process, including the absence of any arrests in the case.

“We all loved him, I loved my son and I miss him. I talked to him every day and I ain’t getting to do that no more. I don’t get to see his smile. It’s not fair, I want somebody… they know who it is, I want justice for my baby, that’s all,” said Mariea Patton, mother of William Patton.

We reached out to the Joplin Police Department who wouldn’t comment on the case because it’s an on-going investigation.