NEOSHO, Mo. — A local animal shelter now has its very own mural, one that was dedicated today. It’s Faithful Friends Animal Advocates in Neosho.

After years of serving both Newton and McDonald counties, a mural was painted inside the facility. On it, a total of 32 pets, all of which were adopted from the shelter.

Pet owners sent pictures of their dogs and cats to artist Sarah Pemberton.

Officials say each one has a unique story. More importantly, a home.

“It’s a reminder of all the hard work that everybody has done, and of the animals that have been saved. You look at their faces, they don’t look sad in this mural,” said Vivian Patterson, President, Faithful Friends Animal Advocates Board of Directors.

“The impact is just, we’re finding homes for animals that nobody wants. I mean, we have animals that are just thrown to the wayside that we take in. We have animals whose owners don’t want them anymore that we take in. I mean, the stories could go on forever,” said Sandy Durbin, Member, Faithful Friends Animal Advocates Board of Directors.

This mural is the 28th one commissioned by the Neosho Tourism Council.