NEOSHO, Mo. — A Fairland police officer accused of domestic violence against a former girlfriend was held over for trial on Tuesday in Newton County.

Colin Raye Kirk, 28, formerly of Loma Linda, Mo., is charged in the Circuit Court of Newton County in Neosho with domestic assault for incidents dating back to July 2021.

Kirk denies assaulting the victim saying he tried to end their relationship on many occasions, and the victim was the physical aggressor.

It is the policy of KSN/KODE not to identify the name of a victim in a domestic violence case.

Colin Kirk booking photo

He is on unpaid administrative leave with the Fairland Police Department. The victim is a former Ottawa County Sheriff’s deputy and Miami Police Officer.

Both individuals filed protective orders against each other in Ottawa County District Court in Miami.

The victim was the only person to testify during the 30-minute preliminary hearing.

With her eyes never looking up, the victim testified Kirk physically assaulted her more than five times but less than 10 times during their year-long relationship.

The victim testified she sustained a “torn cornea” in September 2021 and couldn’t see for several weeks after Kirk allegedly elbowed her in her eye.

The cornea’s injury was four millimeters by two millimeters, she testified.   

“He was angry,” the witness said.  “He was upset about someone sending me a (text) message,” the victim testified to the reason Kirk allegedly assaulted her.

On another occasion, Kirk allegedly slapped the victim across her face with his open hand. 

“I thought my jaw was broken,” the victim said.

In May Kirk allegedly pushed the victim against a dresser and keep bumping the victim with his chest, according to testimony.

“He left bruises on my arms,” the victim said.

Toward the end of prosecutor J.D. Hatcher’s examination of the victim, she became teary-eyed continuing to drop her face and eyes.

When cross-examined by Jonathan Pierce, Kirk’s attorney, the victim continued to not make eye contact but did say she visited a Miami (Oklahoma) eye doctor about her cornea.

Court documents filed show the victim stated she needed surgery.  However, she testified she didn’t have eye surgery and was prescribed eye drops for the injury.

Judge Jacob R. Skouby, Jr., ruled Kirk could remove his ankle monitor during an MRI scheduled in October. 

Kirk has a “brain aneurysm” forming at the base of his skull, Pierce said.

Pierce also requested the ankle monitor be removed for his employment at a funeral home.

Skouby ruled the ankle monitor issue at Kirk’s place of employment would be handled by the circuit court judge.

Kirk is free on $40,000 bail, according to online court records.

He is to return to court on Oct. 26 for arraignment.