LAMAR, Mo. — While many rural hospitals are struggling to stay open, one in the Four States has become a destination of sorts for physicians.

That’s been a big focus for Dr. Jeremy Sturgell. He’s the Medical Director of the Emergency Department at Cox Barton County Hospital in Lamar.

He grew up in the Barton County area and knows how important rural healthcare is. He’s also made it a priority to recruit other outstanding doctors to the area.

The ER currently has ones from KCU, Texas Tech, University of Missouri, and Johns Hopkins University on staff.

“I think the emergency room is often times the front door of the hospital, most initials to the hospital come through the emergency room, you take care of people in their greatest need, so I think it’s very important to the operation of the hospital and so I’m very fortunate to hep build this program and be apart of a wonderful medical staff,” said Dr. Sturgell.

Dr. Sturgell says they also encourage their staff to get involved in the community as much as possible, so they can better get to know the people they treat.