PITTSBURG, Kans. — A clean-up project by the EPA is underway in Pittsburg.

It’s taking place on a field on East 4th Street, across from the Mission Clay Products property.

Crews are working to remove contaminated soil. City leaders say the land isn’t far from the old smelter sites, and they became concerned when the church that owns the property started allowing people to play soccer there.

That’s when they had the land tested.

Now, the EPA is conducting a two week project where it will remove the contaminated soil, add new soil and sod, and then water the area to help bring it back to life.

“We just feel safer knowing that work has been done and that this area is clean and safe,” said Jay Byers, Deputy City Manager.

The city hopes to purchase the 100 acres across from the property and redevelop it as part of Pittsburg’s Mid-City Renaissance Project.