NEVADA, Mo. — Today marked the end of an era for Cottey College.

It was the last day for two Cottey College faculty members.

Dr. Jann Weitzel is retiring after serving as president for 7 years. Also retiring, Director of Public Information Steve Reed who’s been with the school for 30 years.

Both plan to spend their retirement being close to family.

“It has been a true joy, an honor, and a privilege to serve as the President of Cottey College. Cottey is such an outstanding institution for young women and the faculty, the staff, and all of the supporters have been wonderful over my 7 years here at Cottey,” said Dr. Jann Weitzel, President of Cottey College.

“So, it’s given me the opportunity to work closely with students and get to know them as people, and that’s an opportunity to share your values with people who want to ask about them,” said Steve Reed, Director of Public Information, Cottey College.

Friday morning, Dr. Stephanie Niles of Ohio officially starts work as the 13th president of Cottey College.