GRANBY, Mo. — East Newton students are volunteering this month at a local boutique. They’re giving back to their community.

“I really know a lot of people in this town. You really don’t go without knowing anybody. So when you grow up in a small community like this, you get to see alot of these people and you always want to help them in any way you can because they’re so nice and kind to you in every which way that they can be,” said Gracie Johnson, East Newton 11th Grade Student.

Gracie Johnson and two other students with the “Distributive Education Clubs of America” or DECA program at East Newton High School spent their Monday volunteering at the Foundry. The non-profit has been open since January and every Monday gives people the chance to stop by and make donations.

Volunteers like these students play a big part in getting the store ready for the week.

“They work hard. They do pretty much anything we ask, and it is a tremendous help. The store wouldn’t look like it does without them,” said Ginger Perkins, Foundry Representative.

While these students only volunteer 4-hours at a time, they feel it’s important to lead younger high school students into giving back.

“When younger people look at you and like, if you’re you have more of like a brighter side on things then their gonna look at you and be like oh I want to be like that type of person. Like I dont want to be kinda down in the dumps and you just wanna go out and you wanna help in any way that you can,” said Johnson.

“I’m in eight extracurricular activities myself, so definitely, my freshman friends I tell them they need to get involved in clubs it will make high school a lot more fun and enjoyable,” added Paige Mccully, East Newton 11th Grade Student.

When the month of volunteering is complete, it’s not just a sense of community that students will feel. They will have had a close and personal look on the inside of a local business.

“How a business is run, especially the behind the scenes. When you come into a store normally, you see the stuff on the rack, you don’t understand how it gets there, how the price is determined any of those things. And they see all of that,” said Perkins.