Drive-In owner hosts annual Open Air Market

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CARTHAGE, Mo. — A Carthage drive-in owner is bringing something new to the four state area.

The inaugural Open Air Market opened on Saturday at the 66 Drive-In Theater.

35 vendors and food trucks lined the grounds selling funnel cakes, homemade items, and toys.

Since a lot of drive-ins across the nation hold markets in their off season, the owner thought this would be a great new event for the area.

And because of the great response from the public, the owner is expecting over 1,000 people to shop this weekend.

Nathan Mcdonald, 66 Drive-In Theater Owner, says, “It is cooler, but it couldn’t be a more perfect day. The rain has passed. It’s just exciting to see people walk the aisles and just get a different opportunity in the theater than the normal movie operations, so it’s exciting to see.”

The Open Air Market will be open on Sunday from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M.

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