JOPLIN, Mo. — The Joplin School Board got an update on the new Dover Hill Elementary School.

Crossland Construction officials say, so far, construction is on schedule and on budget. They now have a timeline of when they will start pouring the second floor slab.

“There’s been no finishes yet. Structural steel is going on. The gym walls are going to be erected here in the next three weeks. A lot of the infrastructure is going on,” said Aaron Hight, Senior Project Manager for Crossland Construction.

Crossland Construction says they have had issues getting certain items, but supply costs have not gone up on building Dover Hill Elementary.

“There are supply chain issues mostly with bar joists and structural steel. We worked through that and we are on track now,” said Hight.

Crossland Construction will start pouring the second floor slab on Thursday.

“If anyone has driven by, obviously they can see the school on the hill. I call it a beacon of hope. I relate it all the way back to the Joplin Tornado. It was such a down time for the Joplin community and since then, the school has been planning for new facility. And this, to me, is that beacon of hope for Joplin,” said Hight.

The next step in construction will be precast installation for the gym and cafeteria in February.

“I was up on the site yesterday and I was really impressed. And you can really start to see and feel as the structure was going up what it’s going to feel like,” said Dr. Kerry Sachetta, Assistant Superintendent for Operations of Joplin Schools.

The project budget is at more than $26,000,000.

“Hopefully the change orders will be minor from here on out and we have contingency funds to take care of that right now. There’s also a couple things with technology and furniture that we can save a little money. We’ve been talking to the furniture vendor we selected and we feel like that we can come in budget-wise under that area,” said Dr. Sachetta.

Crossland officials say the cold weather is having minor impacts on construction right now.

They anticipate the project will be completed by December.