Dog taken to vet after exposure to hand sanitizer

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WEBB CITY, Mo. — A Webb City man takes his dog to the vet after accidental exposure to hand sanitizer.

Just two days ago, Micco had a seizure after licking his owners hands.

The owner says he used hand sanitizer all day and had just put it on 30 minutes before coming home.

Micco has a sensitivity issue with certain cleaning products, and is susceptible to having health problems.

Veterinarians say it’s the alcohol in hand sanitizers and other cleaning products that can cause alcohol toxicity in pets.

Signs to watch out for include vomiting, wobbliness, and trouble breathing.

Dr. Pamela Helm, Main Street Pet Care, says, “As always, we know they’re toxic. We don’t necessarily know what’s in each individual, and like hand sanitizers, it really depends on each individual brand and so keeping it out of reach of our pets is really the safest thing you can do.

Dr. Helm adds to check children’s backpacks and school supplies now that they are home for the pocket hand sanitizers.

Those left on the floor and still connected to backpacks could be easily accessible to pets.

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