Did the $9 million Missouri vaccine lottery influence residents to get the vaccine?

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MISSOURI – On July 21 of this year, registration opened for the Missouri vaccine lottery, the MO VIP Campaign. The lottery awarded 900 vaccinated Missouri residents who entered the lottery $10,000 each, or $10,000 in an education savings account for those under 18. The winners were announced bi-weekly in five sets of 180.

On Friday, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services announced the last set of winners and concluded that 57,117 adults had entered after getting the vaccine since the program’s announcement. There were 656,259 total entries.

The statewide data shows that 48.4% of Missouri’s population have now completed their vaccination, compared to 40% when the program was announced.

But the data shows that the largest number of vaccines were actually administered to Missouri residents in April.

So did Missouri’s incentive program actually influence residents to get the vaccine? There’s no way to know the reason why each Missourian got vaccinated, and numbers did not spike after the program was announced – but some state health officials think that the vaccine lottery has been successful.

More data

The age groups in Missouri with the highest vaccination rates are those age 65 to 74 and 75 to 84.

By less than 10%, more females than males have received their vaccination.

More residents that identified as Asian received the vaccine than any other race.

To look over more data, visit Missouri’s COVID-19 vaccine website.

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