DIAMOND, Mo. — A small town police officer saves the day when a fire erupts just outside the back door of a Café.

Gordon Skogsberg, Fire Chief of the Diamond Area Fire Protection District, said 9-1-1 dispatch sent fire crews and police officers to a possible structure fire around 2:00 p.m. Tuesday afternoon (6/14).

Cooking oil from an outdoor fryer behind “WH Farm Café,” located at South Main and Highway V (West Market Street), was the culprit of the fire.

SLIDESHOW: View Photos From The Scene Of The Outdoor Fire

Despite the closest fire station just blocks away, it was a Diamond Police Officer who arrived on scene first, and saved the restaurant from catching fire.

Fire Chief, Skogsberg said the officer used a fire extinguisher from the patrol vehicle to put out the fire.

Damage from the flames was limited to an outdoor awning, which covered the Cafe’s outdoor frying area.

The location of WH Farm Café, at South Main and Highway V (West Market Street) – Courtesy: Google Maps

A fire extinguisher wasn’t the only saving grace for WH Farm Café.

Southerly winds, although strong, kept the flames from reaching the Café roof.

“If the wind was blowing from the north, it could have been way worse, the building could have caught on fire then.”

Gordon Skogsberg – Fire Chief, Diamond Area Fire Protection District

No injures resulted from Tuesday’s fire.