Despite the holiday travel surge, the Joplin Regional Airport has been operating without the usual delays from larger airports

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JOPLIN, Mo. — Many people will, or already have hit the road for the long holiday weekend.

As far as traveling out of the airport… The process wasn’t bad at all.

A number of people have found themselves at the Joplin Regional Airport this week to travel and see loved ones for Thanksgiving. But unlike larger airports where its suggested to arrive well ahead of time — it’s been business as usual in Joplin.

“You need to be here about an hour prior to the flight time. That’s pretty much our standard. If you’re going international or have a lot of bags you might be here a little bit earlier than that,” said Steve Stockam – Joplin Regional Airport Manager.

Unlike other airports where it may take longer to get through TSA during the holiday travel season — that’s not the case in Joplin.

“Here, the issue with TSA is really not the problem. The problem with TSA and getting through some of the screening will be at some of the bigger facilities,” said Stockam.

“I’ve flown several different airlines and out of different places. I’ve been in the military and so a lot of times you have to get to, you know, the airport a little bit early. And with this being a smaller airport you don’t have to do that,” said Loretta Hettinger – Webb City Resident.

And it wasn’t traveling out of Joplin that Hettinger had to plan ahead of time for — it’s getting back.

“I plan on going to the airport probably about almost two and a half hours early down there. I know New Orleans has a bigger airport, so yeah, I’m trying to plan a little bit ahead of time,” said Hettinger.

Even though operations at the Joplin Airport have been smooth — Stockam adds glitches can still happen so it’s important to be patient. More than anything — Stockam says he’s happy to see that more people are traveling this year than last.

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