CARTHAGE, Mo. — A historic landmark is getting a little more elbow room in Carthage.

Three structures bordering the Boots Court Motel have been torn down in the last few weeks. That included a deteriorating former real estate office and car shop as well as an old home.

The Boots Court Foundation is currently restoring the Motel and hopes to use the extra space in conjunction with the relaunch of operations, and not just as green space.

“Also, some things that are a little more nostaligic, back in the Boots time that people can do instead of sitting on the couch, looking at their cell phone or their iPad or their laptop- let’s get out and do some things that we used to do in the 40s and 50s,” said Danny Lambeth, Boots Ct. Foundation.

The three buildings sat just south of the Boots.

The demolition effort did not include the old gas station at the corner of Garrison and Olive, which may be renovated as part of the project.