OTTAWA COUNTY, Okla. — Despite delays, multiple agencies continue to work on a big project in Ottawa County.

It’s the new Emergency Operations Center being built by the Quapaw Nation in Miami.

“In this building, there will be the Quapaw Nation Emergency Management. The 911 Coordinator will be here. And then the Miami Dispatch which is with the Miami Police Department,” said Zach Turley, Quapaw Nation Business Committee.

Quapaw Nation says the new Emergency Operation Center that is being built on East 64 Road in Miami has been delayed by three months.

“With the building, COVID has had some effects on it. We are having trouble getting some of the materials. So it has pushed back the date on opening and finishing up the building. We are having problems getting some of the electrical stuff right now. I believe our generators. There’s a several month wait-time on the generator,” said Turley.

Without the generators they are not able to move in the Ottawa County dispatchers which are currently operating from the Miami Police Department.

“That’s a pretty serious job and if they would lose power and we didn’t have backup for them, obviously there could be people having emergencies at home and we couldn’t reach them,” said Turley.

New Emergency Operations Center building progress in Ottawa County, Okla.

The new building costs $1.6 million and is partially being paid for by grants.

“In a way it has helped some with the delays to allow us to handle some other things that came to our attention to moving the system. We are working now on basically revamping our radio system in the whole county. We are going to add a couple towers to help increase the service and ability to reach those towers with the radios,” added Turley.

They will be purchasing new radios for all personnel in the county, which will cost $1.4 million.

“I’m happy with it. We knew going into this, with the pandemic, that the supply chain issue was going to interfere a little bit but I think the guys are doing great and making progress. And I feel very comfortable with it,” said Randy Jackson, Emergency Manager for Quapaw Nation.

Quapaw Nation Emergency Management and the 911 Coordinator will move into the building at the end of Feburary.

Once the new center is up and running they would keep the Miami Police Department center as a backup.