Dealing with armadillos in the Ozarks

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NIXA, Mo – Armadillos have been spotted in Nixa and other areas around the Ozarks.

The nine-banded armadillo primarily eats insects and their larvae as well as earthworms, spiders, and other invertebrates according to the Missouri Department of Conservation. Digging and burrowing for food can lead to conflicts with property owners.

Kelly McGowan, Field Specialist in Horticulture for the MU Extension in Greene County, recommends calling a wildlife control group to relocate the animals as a more humane solution rather than extermination.

“This is the time of the year that they have young ones with them. You’re going to have a group of them feeding on your yard,” says McGowan.

Randy Chapman, owner of Southwest Nuisance Wildlife Control, said there are specific lands he takes armadillos so they don’t cause more trouble.

“I look for places that have a very sparse human population, where there’s not a lot of population density. I don’t want to give someone else a problem,” said Chapman. “I look for conservation land, you know, where there’s a lot of acreage and diversity for the animal to have habitat to thrive in.”

Learn more about relocating wildlife in the video above.

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